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XTools follows a similar line of thought as vTools - the idea here being that the 68kMLA needs a vintage-compatible workspace, and perhaps more importantly (much to my own chagrin, I'll be honest) is interested in a vintage software repository.


The machine would offer several services:

  • Personal file and web site services (up-charge/patreon)
    • SSH and AFP access, perhaps SMB if a VPN were involved, but…
  • Community software repository
  • Main public web site (probably a wiki style site, either OSX' own wiki or dokuwiki)
  • Group shares for development/collaborative projects
  • Time Machine shares (big/slow disks, speed limited?)
  • Perhaps VPN services into a dedicated subnet, only allow 22, 548, and the VPN port incoming, to prevent problems with other services.


My initial idea is to use my existing 2011 Mac mini with OS X Server, I would need to use 10.7 through 10.13, and with 10.13, I may be able to simply share an entire USB or Firewire disk as a starting point, although it's worth noting that it seems like permissions controls are relatively rudimentary.

I probably do want to buy OS X Server for $20 to get better control over where the home directory data lands. It's not critical to be able to control that, at least early on, but it is arguably really nice.

Configuration-wise, I'd like to move the mini back to a boot SSD, which would contain the OS, primary app data, and the main web site, and perhaps get a bigger 2.5-inch SATA disk for initial shares, or go right into using a USB drive for the main data shares.

I need to test OS X compatibility with the AFP server to see how far back/forward I can go.

At the moment, I don't think the thing needs more RAM, but.

Another option is to use an older version of OS X Server on an incoming Mac Mini Server (2009/2010) I have incoming. That machine is already equipped for dual hard disks and I can buy two 2TB or bigger spinning disks. Running an older version of OS X Server will also paradoxically make more services available, but could cause problems from a security standpoint, so web would be best put behind an rprox and it would be better if fewer services were exposed.


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