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TECT is a large server powering many stenoweb services, as well as local infrastructure and services for Cory's home network. It currently has a 2.4GHz Xeon E5620 processor, 16 gigabytes of memory, and 12TB of usable storage. It was purchased in January, 2011 with four gigabytes of memory and a single 250GB disk for approximately $1300.

When it was new and for the first year or two of its life, TECT ran VMWare ESXi 4 and then 5. It hosted both server and desktop operating systems, and was used for various tasks. There was even a time when it hosted a Windows Server 2008 R2 server with Active Directory and file services enabled, a Solaris 10 server with the SunRay services and the uttsc Terminal Services client, and a Windows 7 desktop, which at the time, I found to be faster than flatdell.

The old Windows Small Business Server 2011 Standard installation has been converted to a VM and TECT now runs Windows Server 2012 R2 with the Hyper-V role. Backups are to external USB hard disks using Veeam Backup & Recovery.

The next steps for TECT at the exact moment are largely:

  • Develop the backup system. (Increase capacity, robustness, performance)
  • move core infrastructure away from SBS 2011 Standard to role-separated virtual machines (DC/file/sharepoint/exchange)
  • As part of splitting roles to different VMs, move the network from the ISP-provided DSL modem-gateway, install an Untangle router for use as a firewall and general security appliance, to increase overall network security stance.

TECT Events

Continued from previous pages on this topic.

  • 2021-03-25: the new core virtualization server Nachibes (II) has been set up. Several of the core services virtual machines will move to this new system, allowing the TECT hardware (currently named “sodor”) to be cleaned out and reused for other tasks and/or lower priority virtual machines

Virtual Machines

If something in this machine isn't filled in, I have either failed to update my inventory or the machine is currently inactive or has not been provisioned. Some of the purpose of this list is to have a handy source of new vm hostnames.

hostname ip OS role/notes
sodor 19 Server 12R2 The Metal
TECT 20 SBS'11S The Old metal/The Core
drac 22 the management
tidmouth 30 nothing yet
knapford 31 future domain controller
ffarquhar 33 Server 19 new “sw” file share server
brendam 34 Server 12R2 Microsoft Exchange email server (replaces tect)
dryaw 35 debian IRC shellbox
wellsworth 36 openbsd calvin shellbox
vicarstown 37 reverser proxy - ubuntuserv + nginx
ballahoo 38 coryw vintage mac test shellbox (to be replaced with vtools & removed)
norramby 39 freebsd landon shellbox
crovansgate 40 Server 12R2 calvin + landon vm management
kildane test untangle router
cronk 43-p ex-fediverse server, still on the machine
maron 44-p Server 12R2 SharePoint 2013 - “maron” and “new” (future reconfiguration to be behind a proxy)
suddery 45-p Server 12R2 SharePoint 2013 Office Web Apps (future rebuild and reconfig to be behind a proxy)
toryreck 47 Server 12R2 SharePoint 2010 - future home of 'fd'
elsbridge 48 Server 19 steno doku and 68kmla doku testing - ready to be wiped/removed/repurposed
hackenbeck 49 Server 12R2 was originally going to be an SQL server
haultraugh 50 10pro windows admin center web tools
harwick 51 Server 19
thomas D
edward D completionist tendencies: have vista available
henry D
gordon D 10 pro
james D 10 pro considering 8.1u1 license & software from superslab into this VM & using it for photo org
ashima D 10 pro tyler
duck D 10 pro calvinB
toby D 10 pro gravis
oliver D 11 coryw jennay VM testing
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