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-Welcome to KWiki (tentative name). +Welcome to the Local Wiki (for local people)
- +
-Cory'​s ​local wiki work space on [[wiki:​knarvik|Knarvik]]. (the source of the "​K"​ in KWiki.) +
- +
-Might move to some place slightly more permanent at some point. +
- +
-This is a little bit less formal of a space than my sharepoint wiki.+
 +This is a secondary web site, a little bit less formal of a space than my [[https://​​|primary web site, which runs on SharePoint]].
 Pages (esp. new pages and stub links I'm making) Pages (esp. new pages and stub links I'm making)
-  ​[[wiki:​DokuWiki Thoughts]] +  ​[[wiki:​DokuWiki Thoughts]] 
-  ​[[wiki:​XTools]] +  ​[[wiki:​XTools]] 
-  ​[[wiki:​Projects]]+  ​[[wiki:​Projects]] 
 +  * [[MacBench:​Introduction|Mac Benchmarking]] 
 +  * [[MacDex:​Introduction|MacDex]] 
 +  * [[Photography:​Introduction|Photog Intro]] 
 +  * [[wiki:​RyzenVsIntel|Ryzen vs. Intel Thoughts]] 
 +  * [[wiki:​milvax-server|Notes on repurposing my 2011 Mac mini as a server]] 
 +  * [[nano:​introduction|NaNoWriMo Information]] 
 +  * [[steno-public:​introduction|Stenoweb Infrastructure Public Information]]
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