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DokuWiki is different from MediaWiki in that pages exist in namespaces, instead of applying categories to pages. The main difference is a page can only really be in one namespace at a time.

So, thinking about what content we want on the wiki and how to organize it up front is helpful, because it makes sense to use the namespaces as much as we can.

As starter namespaces, I propose the following:

  • MacDex: would be a namespace where we store Mac system specs. I have other ideas for the 'macdex' in general but that can be a separate thread.
  • HowTo: Tutorials
  • Reference: compiled lists, transcribed techinfo and KB articles
  • 68kMLA: (can be a different name) - meta stuff about the site. Rules, policies, etc.
  • Editorial: (probably do this in the Invision blogs module instead)
  • Curated: Place for pages and media that have special editing permissions on them. This is merely an idea, not a promise or a specification.
  • Internal: Drafts and reference materials for the 68kMLA leadership

For comparison, the current 68kMLA wiki is mostly a collection of pages.

Another point of comparison is ThinkWiki which uses individual ThinkPad models as categories, with the hub for each model being that model's category page, like so: ThinkPad A31p

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